Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kuna High School students homeless this weekend

The Kuna High School Honor Society/Sociology Class Homeless Project will take place this Friday and Saturday at the high school outside the library windows facing Deer Flat Road. Students from the Honor Society and Mr. Krumm’s Sociology classes will be living in cardboard boxes and under tarps, experiencing for two days, what homeless people go through every day.
As a part of this exercise, Honor Society advisor, Rodger Huckabee, says he wants to bring awareness for what life is like for over 2300 people in Idaho today. There are families in Kuna who are experiencing this most humbling existence and those students who have a warm bed and a full stomach every night should be aware of what we take for granted and a better understanding of those who do not have those benefits.
As a part of this project initiated by the Honor Society, there will be a “fill the boot” drive along Deer Flat and in downtown Kuna on Saturday in an effort to raise funds to help the homeless in our own community. Again, according to Huckabee, there has been an amazing amount of interest by the students of KHS to participate in this event, and members of the staff, and the local law enforcement have offered to chaperone and help keep the students secure during their “ordeal” expected to run from about 3:30 Friday afternoon until Midnight on Saturday.
Those interested in making contributions to this activity may contact the high school at 955-2000 or look for participants on Deer Flat Road at the school or downtown on Saturday.

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