Monday, March 21, 2011

Kuna Boys & Girls Club hearing is delayed

A Kuna Planning & Zoning Commission hearing on a Kuna Boys & Girls Club originally scheduled for March 23 has been delayed.
According to local organizers, Ada County Highway District staff were not able to finish their internal report in time to present it to the ACHD governing board on March 16, and so the city is postponing the public hearing until sometime after ACHD meets again on April 6.
ACHD has notified the Boys & Girls Club that its policy is to require extension of all stub streets, and it found that the Boys & Girls Club plan did not include the extension of Hyssop Street. In response, the Boys & Girls Club has submitted a request for a waiver of that policy regarding Hyssop Street for safety, cost and land use reasons.
Local organizers are anticipating that the waiver request will be heard at the April 6 ACHD meeting.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County is requesting a zone change and development agreement for a site at the east end of West Mendi Place in Kuna, where local organizers are planning to build a permanent 15,000-square-foot facility.

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slfisher said...

How much longer is this going to drag on?