Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kuna City Council debates taxicab ordinance

Kuna City Council members debated the merits of a new taxi cab ordinance. Cardoza and Bachman had several questions relating mostly to what they said were too onerous conditions on taxicab companies. Cardoza several times questioned whether “a little town like Kuna” needed some of the provisions for meters and top lights on cabs. Bachman was concerned about the burden that inspections, applications and enforcement would place on city employees.
Hasson said he would scale down the ordinance, make suggested changes and bring it back for a second reading at the next council meeting on March 15.


slfisher said...

This is ridiculous. I understand that people are upset about Black & White Taxi's abuse of its neighbors good graces, but this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The whole *point* and value of Black & White Taxi -- the flat fee and knowing how much it was going to cost to get somewhere -- is going to get shut down with this ordinance.

bbv said...

Black & White Taxi got itself shut down a week after the City Council meeting about whether to revoke its license -- they violated the terms of what City Council said they needed to do by parking more than one taxi in front of their house (three, to be precise). So currently they have no business license in Kuna... whether they can comply with this ordinance is rather moot. And B&W helped draft the ordinance, by the way.