Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kuna is a hotbed for corn mazes

Don't let the press releases fool you — the two corn mazes in this area are in Kuna. The Idaho Corn MAiZE, on Meridian Road between Hubbard and Columbia is actually in unincorporated Ada County. True, it has a Meridian mailing address, but for all intents and purposes, it's in Kuna. It's within the Kuna school district, and several parcels of property to the north have already been annexed into the city of Kuna, most notably the Anchor Baptist Church on the northeast corner of Columbia and Meridian roads. And the corn maze at Linder Farms, on Linder Road, between Columbia and Lake Hazel, actually has been officially annexed into the city of Kuna. We should be proud that we have two fantastic corn mazes right here in Kuna.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ted Mason's Walnut Creek event was a family fun day

We just got back from the Family Fun Day at Walnut Creek, a new mid-range subdivision off Ten Mile Road near Hubbard being built by Ted Mason Signature Homes. It was a great turnout. We estimated 75 to 100 people made their way through over the course of a couple of hours. Ted Mason himself was on hand for the festivities, which included hot dogs and apple pie, live music by the Dan Sevy Band, cheerleaders, jumphouses for the kids, games, and of course, tours of the houses. He has two houses built currently, with 56 more coming. The houses will range from $280,000 to $350,000. The houses are clearly very well-built with high-quality materials and built-ins. There is a definite, Americana, old-fashioned country theme going on. The street going into the subdivision is called Heartland, and Mason had a huge American flag raised by crane with the National Anthem to kick off the event. Nicola, as chamber president, Kerri Avery, as chamber vice president, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Ted Mason and Steven Schrader, as City Council member Rich Cardoza was kind enough to do the honors. Of course, a lot of folks showed up out of curiosity, but I noticed there were definitely some serious buyers. It was a packed work-related day, as we started the day at the final day of the Kuna Farmers Market for Oktoberfest and a meet the candidates session. Then we headed over to Advanced Family Medicine, where they had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their expansion, adding a new doctor, Molly Armijo, and adding 800 square feet of additional office space. Good things happening in Kuna.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The real reason behind Kuna's expansion

Dave Taysom, who lives up off Meridian Road south of Lake Hazel Road, testified at last night's Kuna City Council meeting at which council members voted to extend the city's planning boundaries north to Amity Road. The extended boundaries also include the 3,400 acres recently annexed in as part of the Osprey Ridge development as well as thousands of other acres to the east of Kuna. Mr. Taysom said it would be impossible for Kuna to actually serve all that land, so it just didn't make sense why Kuna would be seeking to include all of that land in its comp plan. "Then I figured it out," he said conspiratorially. "You want to get big enough so the feds will bail you out."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Statesman condescends to Kuna: Here we go again

Here we go again. That's the first line of the Idaho Statesman's editorial today telling Kuna to think about what it's doing. That should also be the first line when talking about the Statesman's position on anything to do with Kuna. It's not so much that Kuna covets a strip of land between Lake Hazel and Amity roads. A couple of landowners representing 180 acres of land are seeking annexation into the city of Kuna. There are more out there, too, who have an interest in being a part of Kuna. Here's one reason: Meridian wants low-density for that area, something like one house per three acres. How's that jibe with the Statesman's Vision for the Valley? As far as Kuna not taking its time? Read my story that originally appeared in the Kuna Melba News on Aug. 27. It documents in painful detail (I know, I was at every meeting; the Statesman was not) all of the meetings and hearings and rehearings on the matter. Perhaps that's part of the problem; the Statesman only reads the Statesman. Finally, the bottom line is that this is a private property rights issue. If a landowner doesn't want to be a part of Kuna, the answer is simple: Don't annex your land into Kuna. If your neighbor wants to be a part of Kuna, what gives you the right to tell your neighbor that he or she can't do that?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

An idea to bring Kuna and Meridian together

Today was Luke's first day of hockey practice. His dad grew up playing hockey, and I have to say, I always love that first day back in an ice rink. The cold, dry air, the smell of the Zamboni exhaust, the sound of sticks slapping the ice. Of course, the closest rink is Idaho IceWorld, a very nice, double-rink facility run by the Boise Parks and Rec Department. It's about a half-hour drive, which, really, isn't that bad. But it does give one time to think about the possibilities. I'm certain Kuna wouldn't be able to come up with a rink of its own, and I'm sure Meridian wouldn't mind having some help building a rink for its constituents. Plus, the school districts could use such a facility not only for organized hockey teams but also for phys ed instruction. How about a joint project among the cities of Kuna and Meridian and the school districts to build a small but usable pragmatic ice rink, let's say, somewhere in the disputed region between Lake Hazel and Amity roads? Wouldn't that be a great, feel-good project that would bring our two cities together? What do you think?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Would a Meridian City Council member want anything to do with the city of Kuna?

I guess it should be no surprise that Vista wants nothing to do with the city of Kuna. After all, the lead developer is Joe Borton, who is a former Meridian City Council member. As many people know, the relationship between the cities of Kuna and Meridian has been contentious, to be polite, and downright hostile, to be frank. Vista has resisted all attempts to be annexed. Kuna and Meridian have fought for years, and continue to fight, as we'll see on Tuesday night, over annexing land, and expanding areas of impact. Just before Ada County Commissioners approved Borton's Vista as a planned community under the auspices of Ada County, Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre said Vista would eventually become a part of Kuna, as the city of Kuna is "annexing like wildfire," which drew a lot of laughter. Borton responded, "I have no comment on wildfire annexations."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Denali Heights holds ribbon cutting for clubhouse, pool

I was invited to the Denali Heights ribbon-cutting ceremony and barbecue Monday night for the subdivision's new clubhouse and pool. I guess the clubhouse has been open for a while, and the pool opened recently. When I got there at 6:30, there were a couple of dozen residents there hanging out, having a good time. It's a nice group of people in a very nice higher-end subdivision in Kuna, something Kuna needs more of. Resident Kayla Rich gave me a tour of the clubhouse and pool. It's very nice, with a full kitchen, a great room with a couple of leather sofas and a fireplace, an office, and couple of bathrooms off a hallway leading to the pool, which is small but definitely usable. It makes me excited for our own clubhouse and pool here in Crimson Point, which is coming along slowly but surely but looks like it will be very nice when it opens. Congrats to Denali Heights residents on a nice facility in a very nice subdivision.