Thursday, September 11, 2008

Would a Meridian City Council member want anything to do with the city of Kuna?

I guess it should be no surprise that Vista wants nothing to do with the city of Kuna. After all, the lead developer is Joe Borton, who is a former Meridian City Council member. As many people know, the relationship between the cities of Kuna and Meridian has been contentious, to be polite, and downright hostile, to be frank. Vista has resisted all attempts to be annexed. Kuna and Meridian have fought for years, and continue to fight, as we'll see on Tuesday night, over annexing land, and expanding areas of impact. Just before Ada County Commissioners approved Borton's Vista as a planned community under the auspices of Ada County, Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre said Vista would eventually become a part of Kuna, as the city of Kuna is "annexing like wildfire," which drew a lot of laughter. Borton responded, "I have no comment on wildfire annexations."

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