Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Statesman condescends to Kuna: Here we go again

Here we go again. That's the first line of the Idaho Statesman's editorial today telling Kuna to think about what it's doing. That should also be the first line when talking about the Statesman's position on anything to do with Kuna. It's not so much that Kuna covets a strip of land between Lake Hazel and Amity roads. A couple of landowners representing 180 acres of land are seeking annexation into the city of Kuna. There are more out there, too, who have an interest in being a part of Kuna. Here's one reason: Meridian wants low-density for that area, something like one house per three acres. How's that jibe with the Statesman's Vision for the Valley? As far as Kuna not taking its time? Read my story that originally appeared in the Kuna Melba News on Aug. 27. It documents in painful detail (I know, I was at every meeting; the Statesman was not) all of the meetings and hearings and rehearings on the matter. Perhaps that's part of the problem; the Statesman only reads the Statesman. Finally, the bottom line is that this is a private property rights issue. If a landowner doesn't want to be a part of Kuna, the answer is simple: Don't annex your land into Kuna. If your neighbor wants to be a part of Kuna, what gives you the right to tell your neighbor that he or she can't do that?

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