Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's the problem with politicians

I just got a press release "guest opinion" from U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson. He's talking about procuring federal earmarks for Idaho, including money for the Idaho National Laboratory, a highway in Custer County, etc.
With great moral authority, he announces these projects and states he doesn't want to hide them away from the public, rather let the public see what he's fighting for and decide for themselves whether this is bad federal spending or a great way to help Idaho.
He concludes: “In the end, I can either seek these projects for Idaho or allow the funding to go to some other state. I would rather see that funding end up in Idaho – but I would prefer it be directed to projects that merit taxpayer investment.”
This is the problem with politicians in Washington, and the very reason we can't quit our addiction to earmarks. Of course, no one in Idaho is going to say, "Oh, Rep. Simpson, please don't request this funding, let money go to Massachusetts or Wyoming."
Problem is, a bunch of politicians from Wyoming and Massachusetts and every other state are preparing their own press releases and "guest opinions" rallying their troops for support. "Oh, Rep. (fill in politician's name here), please don't let our federal dollars go to Idaho for a highway in Custer County, send that money to (your state or congressional district goes here)."
Rep. Simpson: Please do what's right for the country and stop this wasteful spending altogether. Stop it in Idaho, stop it in Massachusetts, stop it in Wyoming. Just stop it. Let us keep all that money and maybe we'd actually be able to fund some of these projects ourselves — and at a much lower cost.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Best line of the night at Tuesday's Kuna school board meeting

Kuna schools superintendent Jay Hummel perhaps is not best known for his sense of humor, but he sure had the best line of the night at Tuesday's school board meeting. The school district is trying to come up with a name for the new alternative school, scheduled to open this fall. One of the front-runners is Two Roads Academy, or something to that effect, referencing the famous Robert Frost poem. A concern was raised, however, that another school was named Two Roads already. Hummel reported to the school board, though, that that school had closed. "They took the third road, I guess."

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kuna Auction a success despite fewer donations, bids

The annual auction benefiting the Kuna Natural Disaster Relief Fund went on Saturday as planned.
Donations were down, bids were down, the money raised was down, but the camaraderie and community spirit were way up in the Old Fourth Street Gym Saturday.
Early estimates put donations at about $16,000, far down from years past, but still a very good showing in a down economy and a great showing for an event that almost wasn't this year.
"I'm pleasantly surprised, very pleasantly surprised," auction chairwoman Sheri Russell said after the last of the items was auctioned off and she could breathe a sigh of relief.
Items auctioned included tools from Kuna Lumber and Kuna True Value, a bookcase hand made by Ron Cantrell, Christmas dishes, wine gift baskets, cookbooks, rope art, a Schwinn Sting Ray chopper bike and a 22 rifle donated by Zeke Corder.
A Remington model 710 Bushnell 3-9 Powerscope 270 Winchester (brand new with box) donated by Doug Croft of Kuna Dental raised around $1,500, thanks to Carl Nicholson, who bought it twice and let it get sold again.
Other items included Chuck Monger’s handcrafted elk and deer horn jewelry, a quilt made and donated by Kuna’s Fourth Ward (above), which is draped on a handmade wooden quilt stand by Pat Reed, blankets, afghans, original art by Ben Rice and Jack Kindall, 8-foot posts, a family night gift basket donated by the Kuna Melba News — everything including the kitchen sink (donated by Integrity Plumbing) which includes garbage disposal and installation.
Cash prizes were also awarded through raffle tickets, and the Kuna seniors were on hand selling tasty treats, pies and pastries.
Overall, a great day in Kuna.