Sunday, September 14, 2008

An idea to bring Kuna and Meridian together

Today was Luke's first day of hockey practice. His dad grew up playing hockey, and I have to say, I always love that first day back in an ice rink. The cold, dry air, the smell of the Zamboni exhaust, the sound of sticks slapping the ice. Of course, the closest rink is Idaho IceWorld, a very nice, double-rink facility run by the Boise Parks and Rec Department. It's about a half-hour drive, which, really, isn't that bad. But it does give one time to think about the possibilities. I'm certain Kuna wouldn't be able to come up with a rink of its own, and I'm sure Meridian wouldn't mind having some help building a rink for its constituents. Plus, the school districts could use such a facility not only for organized hockey teams but also for phys ed instruction. How about a joint project among the cities of Kuna and Meridian and the school districts to build a small but usable pragmatic ice rink, let's say, somewhere in the disputed region between Lake Hazel and Amity roads? Wouldn't that be a great, feel-good project that would bring our two cities together? What do you think?

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Sara said...

Scott, Once again you are thinking outside the box! Cooperation between these two cities would be a treat as opposed to what appears to be slinking and underhanded tactics. Let's hope your idea reaches the right ears.