Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back when I was an editor at the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, N.Y., our music critic, Jeff Spevak, wrote a column raving about this up-and-coming singer-songwriter who was coming to a small club in Rochester. He went on and on about how this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see this performer in a small setting, because her shows from now on were sure to be in larger concerts and arenas. Yeah, right, I thought. How many times have we heard about an up-and-coming sure-to-be star? Well, that performer's name was Norah Jones, and as usual, Spevak was dead-on right.
The reason I think of that is because of the growing momentum behind our very own MacKayla Hunter, of Nampa, who will be appearing on a national show in June. I'm no Jeff Spevak, but it seems to me that MacKayla Hunter is the real deal.
MacKayla will be a guest along with Taylor Swift on the first national airing of The Ed Davis Show, according to MacKayla’s manager Duke VanCampen.
The show will be taped on June 14 and will air on the ION network on June 17. (The exact time is still not confirmed but will be provided at a later date).
In addition, Swift has asked Hunter to be her guest at her live concert on the night of June 14 in St. Paul, Minn., VanCampen said.
I, for one, am hoping MacKayla makes it big and we can all say we knew her back when.

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