Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some advice heading into tonight's Black & White Taxi hearing

Let me offer Black & White Taxi owner Ernie Terrell, along with his supporters, some advice when it comes to tonight’s business license revocation hearing before City Council.
The issue at hand is whether the business’ practices over the past year violated terms of the business’ home occupation license. At issue is NOT whether you provide a good service or a needed service or whether people like your service or whether you’ve saved lives or any of that. So please do not dwell on that during the hearing. Certainly bring it up and make your case, but then move on. I suspect if you get up there, one after one and talk about what a great service Black & White Taxi offers the community, you will only serve to wear on the patience of the City Council members, who will be asked to decide whether a repeated and prolonged ignoring of the terms of your home occupation license merits revocation.
I suspect the city will present evidence that Black & White routinely parked multiple taxi cabs in the residential neighborhood over the course of several months and repeatedly ignored city requests to resolve the issue. And upon that — not whether you provide a good service, save lives or all the rest — City Council members will make their decision.

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