Monday, January 3, 2011

Are you interested in helping buy jump ropes for the Kuna Jump Rope Club?

Last week, we brought you a story about two awesome volunteers in the Kuna schools, Toni Corley and Lisa Wright, who have started the Kuna Jump Rope Club. The club has become very popular, growing from six girls last year now up to 28 girls signed up.
Corley and Wright personally purchased the jump ropes because they wanted them all to be the same and the best quality of speed rope. There is no charge for the girls to participate in the jump rope club. Corley and Wright would like to be able to give the girls jump ropes at the end of the session, but in order to do that, they would need financial assistance. Each jump rope costs $5 to $6. If you’re interested in helping, contact the Kuna Melba News, 922-3008, or by email, We’ll get you in touch with Toni or Lisa.

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