Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kuna High science program rocks at BSU Discover Engineering Day

The Kuna High School science program was a definite star at Saturday’s Discover Engineering Day at Boise State University.
Kuna science teachers and students put on several demonstrations throughout the day at the annual free event intended to expose children and families to engineering and science concepts.
One of the more popular stations put on by the Kuna Science Club allowed participants to build their own wind turbines out of PVC pipe and paper plates or cups and have the electricity generated by their designs measured. Above, Max Blitman helps test a wind turbine.
In another demonstration, Kuna showed participants how to make their own rubber band-powered spool car, which kids could decorate and keep.
Perhaps the coolest program that Kuna put on was the Bristle Bot station, in which students used a toothbrush end, some pipe cleaners, a batter pack and a motor to create a Hexbug-like invention that vibrates, moves and spins and which students could take home with them.

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slfisher said...

Sounds awesome! I hope there's an opportunity for Kuna kids to see it at some point.