Friday, January 28, 2011

Kuna and Melba drivers: Emissions testing deadline is Monday

Like it or not, for those of you living in Kuna and Melba, the deadline to get your car emission-tested is Monday.
Owners of vehicles in Canyon County and Kuna with an October 2010 emissions testing deadline are reminded by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality that they will have their vehicle registrations revoked by the Idaho Transportation Department unless they complete a passing test or receive a waiver by Monday, Jan. 31.
Vehicle owners who are unsure when their testing deadline is can find out online at Click on the Test Due Date link and enter the vehicle’s identification or license plate number.
When a vehicle’s registration is revoked as a result of failure to obtain a passing emissions test, the owner must get the vehicle tested and purchase a new registration.
Owners of vehicles with an October 2010 test deadline have been sent up to three notices advising them of the vehicle emissions testing requirement.
Emissions testing is available at more than 20 locations in Canyon County and Kuna at a cost of $10 per vehicle.
Motorists without Internet access can call the Vehicle Emissions Testing toll-free hotline at 1-866-623-8378 to speak with an emissions testing program representative.

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