Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kuna Melba News will continue to report, let you decide

I have been reminded again of the importance of objectivity in my job. Someone came up to me the other day out in front of Paul’s and said that the best headline he’s read was the headline last week about more small houses likely coming to Kuna.
This reader was cheering the possibility of small houses as a good thing. But on other occasions, I’ve listened to well-reasoned readers decrying smaller houses on the basis of less tax revenue for increased services, such as police and schools.
To me, this is the best compliment we can receive. An active and vigorous dialogue about what’s best for this community, ultimately, is the goal of this newspaper.
Too often, still, even after four years of ownership of the Kuna Melba News, some people think our ultimate goal should be to rail against everything or fight someone’s battle against the big, bad city of Kuna.
No, our ultimate goal is to simply inform our readers. Simple enough. And I love the fact that our readers often have no idea where I stand on an issue.
Even with the city hall bond measure, about which I was perhaps most obviously skeptical, I was criticized for giving the city, at times, too much of a voice, allowing city planning director Steve Hasson or city treasurer John Marsh too many quotes or too much space in my news articles.
But while I was writing editorials questioning the city’s wisdom regarding the $5 million bond measure and stories demonstrating that lack of wisdom, I felt it important to allow our readers to judge for themselves what the city’s arguments were and whether they carried validity based on the facts.

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