Thursday, January 13, 2011

Congratulations to Donene Rognlie, Hubbard-Teed principal in Kuna

Congratulations to Donene Rognlie, the new Hubbard-Teed principal in Kuna.
Rognlie, currently the principal at Hubbard Elementary, will assume the additional duties as the principal of Teed Elementary beginning next school year.
The decision to have Rognlie head up both schools was approved Tuesday night by the Kuna school board.
Rognlie, who has been the principal at Hubbard since 2009, will take over the duties at Teed from outgoing principal Ken LilienKamp, who was tapped last month to become the principal at Kuna’s newest elementary school, Silver Trail Elementary, when it opens next school year.
Rognlie is an excellent choice, in my book. She's a 13-year Club Member of Kuna schools and taught in Kuna schools for 12 years before being promoted to Hubbard principal last year. She's been a member of the Idaho Air National Guard for nearly 20 years, and when I sat down to talk with her last year, I found her to be very thoughtful and enthusiastic about education.
No doubt, it will be a tough job, but if anyone can do it, I feel confident in Donene Rognlie.

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slfisher said...

Does it mean the district will save the salary of an additional principal? That would be great.