Saturday, January 15, 2011

The rest of us might get stuck with higher assessments because of Kuna irrigation delinquencies

This is what happens when you allow people to simply ignore the rules.
A whopping 20 percent of Kuna customers — about 900 customers in all — failed to pay their pressurized irrigation bills last year, owing the city about $72,000.
With a new assessment coming up for this year’s irrigation season, the city is looking at the probability of shutting off individuals’ irrigation water.
And if residents continue to ignore their bill, the city may even consider its final option: taking the property from the owner.
“Failure to pay the (pressurized irrigation) assessment is identical to a property tax default,” said Kuna city engineer Gordon Law. “I’d hate to get to that point, but that is the hammer the law puts in the whole deal. … It’s an awful big sledgehammer.”
Last year’s pressurized irrigation bill was $80.50 for the year for a typical homeowner. Law said it’s an awfully small amount of money to take someone’s property over, but perhaps a necessary evil, if it comes to that.
Unfortunately, the city has done relatively nothing to the people who didn't pay their bills. So now the city is looking at a $100,000 delinquency, and depending on how the Kuna City Council handles it at next week's meeting, that could mean higher assessments for the rest of us suckers who actually paid our bill.

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