Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who likes liver and onions? Anyone?

One of the candidates at the mayoral forum Monday night suggested “we should try to get Scott to write more about city issues” as a way to close the information gap between the city and residents.
Of course, he was referring to me, with the implication that residents don’t know what the city is up to because I’m not writing enough about city issues. I’m curious as to what city issues he’d like me to write more about. I’ve written about the LID, the city hall bond issue, the problems business owners have had with city government regulations, the police budget, the church request for a community garden, the senior center floor, etc. The list kind of goes on and on.
I think I know what the code is here, though. When some folks say they want me to “write about,” what they’re really saying is that they want me to “rail against.” They don’t just want me to “write about” a business’s trouble with the city. By gum, they want me to rant and rave and call the city names and call for the resignation of the mayor and the public flaying of the planning director and probably throw in a call for an Attorney General’s inquest. No, it’s not quite enough, I guess, for some folks that I simply present the facts.


slfisher said...

Do you really think of it as liver and onions? Seems to me like it's the most interesting part, no offense to what I'm sure is stellar sports reporting on your part.

And yes, anyone who says "Scott needs to write more on the issues" demonstrates that they're somebody who doesn't read the paper.

I do like "by gum," though.

Scott McIntosh said...

Yes, perhaps "meat and potatoes" would have been a better analogy. It's good to eat, but you wouldn't want to eat it every meal every day.

slfisher said...

well, I do, but then I'm a wonk. :)

I like meat and potatoes, too. :)