Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doing some fact checking in the Kuna city elections

As the candidates for Kuna city offices make certain claims and assumptions in the debates and campaign literature, I thought I would provide the Kuna Melba News version of Fact Check.
The Arlene
One candidate suggested that the city was responsible for telling The Arlene owners that they couldn’t use the front room of its building.
In truth, it was the Kuna Rural Fire District that made the decision, affirmed by a specially appointed appeals committee, to require that The Arlene install fire sprinklers based on current international fire code that sets requirements based on square footage and use. Because the owners said they couldn’t afford the $40,000 price tag to put in fire sprinklers, the fire district signed off on a compromise to allow The Arlene owners to cut down the square footage of occupiable space by building walls and cutting off the space in the front of the building.
The Arlene owners contended that a previous city administration granted a waiver of the fire sprinkler requirement, but the decision ultimately rests with the fire district, not the city.

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bbv said...

LOVE that you did this! It's important to hold candidates accountable for the information they present. We need to make sure an honest picture is being painted. (And I'm saying that as a candidate!)
- Briana Buban-Vonder Haar