Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kuna continues to discuss city park use ordinance

It looks like lighting at the Indian Creek BMX track has hit a bump in the road.
Kuna city engineer Gordon Law told City Council members Tuesday night that lighting the track properly would cost about $19,500. Further, because the proper lights would need to be 1,000 watts for safety purposes, they would likely cause a negative impact on neighboring businesses and houses.
The issue is being discussed as part of a proposal to change the city ordinance regarding use of the city park.
The current ordinance restricts use of the park after midnight, but the city’s police chief, Lt. Kody Aldrich, has requested that use be limited to dawn to dusk and that police officers have ticketing authority to people who are refuse to leave the park after dark. A first offense would be a fine of $50, and $100 for each additional offense. Groups or individuals can purchase a city permit of $50 for up to 100 people or $100 for more than 100 people to be in the city park after dark.
But City Council president Lisa Bachman has expressed concern that if a sanctioned event at the BMX track were to go a little late into the after-dusk hours, the police would start showing up handing out tickets.
Bachman had asked Law to research the cost of putting up lights at the BMX track, which is on the south end of Avenue E, just south of the big American flag in Sandstone Plaza.

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