Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kuna election brings many issues to the surface

Did you check out last week's issue of the Kuna Melba News? Have you gotten through all of it yet? Yes, we had a couple of big stories — Boys & Girls Club, Kuna FFA, the little girl with a brain tumor. But did you see all those letters to the editor? We had 12 letters to the editor last week, which must be a record since my time at the paper. It was really good to see. This is what it should be like every week. I know the election is stirring all this up, but please, please, please, everyone, don't stop after the election. Keep on airing your views and opinions. Let people know what you think is wrong and what you think is right. This election has certainly raised a number of issues that have been bubbling under the surface for some time. Let's not let these things fester for so long. After all, it will be another two years before the next City Council election and another four years before the next mayoral election. If you don't like something, write a letter to the editor and let the public know what's going on.

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