Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seniors are out of the Kuna Senior Center again

The polished concrete floors in the Kuna Senior Center are being redone because of issues with the first go-around.
Deputy city clerk Chris Engels updated council members Tuesday night on the issues they’ve had with the floors.
Engels said that the seniors were justifiably unhappy with the finished floor because of “hazing” in the floor caused by trapped moisture rising from the concrete. During asbestos abatement, soap and water was used on the concrete underneath, trapping moisture in the concrete and inhibiting the adhesion of a wax sealant.
Engels said that a test area with an opening of the floor’s pores showed that the hazing was being corrected.
The center will be closed from Oct. 10 through Oct. 20 to allow chemical smells to dissipate and to allow the floor to cure properly. Chairs were brought back into the center too soon before the floor properly cured the first time around, causing scuff and scratch marks.
Whether the seniors will be happy with the final product remains to be seen. It was not clear Tuesday night from senior center service coordinator Sheri Hunsaker whether the seniors will be happy with any kind of polished concrete floor, even if done properly.

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