Sunday, February 5, 2012

More ideas about how to handle downtown Kuna

If we were to turn Kuna's Main Street into a pedestrian plaza, I like the idea of turning Fourth Street into a one-way street going around Main Street. But what you’d need to do is rehab Second Street and turn it into a one-way street going in the opposite direction. You could have everything connect up at Avenue D, perhaps at the four-way stop or perhaps create a roundabout at that intersection.
Parking would definitely have to be solved. But I think there are a lot of options. I think the first step would be to pave and stripe the parking lot that the city already owns at Second Street and Avenue B. With that, you’d be able to fit a lot of cars in there, and visitors would be able to walk easily to the park and downtown. Second, I’d like to see the city work with the school district on solutions for the Old Fourth Street Gym. The community already uses the district’s parking lot on Avenue D, and big chunks of that property are unused and fenced off, creating an eyesore. Opening up, paving and striping these areas would again provide plenty of parking for downtown. Further, the city could identify lots in and around downtown that could be converted into parking lots.
Such projects, it seems, could easily be funded by a community development block grant or some other type of downtown revitalization, economic development, community facility or even rural development grants. Kuna still qualifies for some rural grants for communities under 20,000 population.

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