Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kuna school district may request to be in the first phase of computer rollout

Kuna school district administrators are recommending that Kuna be among the first school districts in the state to request mobile computing devices in the first year of a multiple-year phase-in of the new state program.
As part of the state’s new Students Come First education reform legislation, all high school students will receive a mobile computing device. The devices will be purchased and distributed to all high school students over the course of three years, starting in 2013-14.
The state Department of Education has reported that as many as 73 of the state’s 144 school districts have requested to be among the first districts to receive the mobile computing devices.
The Kuna school district had discussed the possibility of waiting until the second or third year in order to allow other districts to work out the flaws in the system and to allow Kuna more time to develop policies and procedures to deal with the potential headaches associated with giving every student a laptop computer.
Not all of the districts that are requesting mobile computing devices will receive them in the first year, but the Kuna administration is recommending that Kuna be put on the list for the first phase.

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