Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kuna school board debates what to do with the Old 4th Street Gym building

The issue of whether to sell or lease out the Kuna school district’s Old 4th Street Gym building has come up again.
Kuna school board members discussed the pros and cons of selling or leasing out the building during a special session on Feb. 1.
Among the advantages listed by board members were:
• collecting money that could be used for other projects.
• removing an inefficient space.
• district still able to absorb need for gym space in other facilities.
• if leased out, the gym could still be put to use.
Among the drawbacks listed by board members:
• less space for the district.
• moving out would create new costs.
• emotionally difficult.
• last connection to the old school.
• if sell now, the district would be “selling low.”
The gym dates back to 1947, when it was built next to the old Kuna High School building. The district has converted some of the building’s space into the district’s technology center, with offices for the technology staff, among other district employees. Other parts of the building are used as warehouse and storage space.
The gym is still extensively used by the community, for youth sports and practices, by seniors as an indoor walking space, for community events, such as the Kuna Chamber of Commerce’s Down Home Country Christmas, and by such youth organizations as the Cub Scouts, who filled the gym with about 200 people recently for their annual Pinewood Derby.
Board member Royleen Anderson said, “it’s too bad the city has nothing like this,” and that the district has to provide such an amenity.
However, “we can’t be a community rec center,” said board member Carl Ericson.
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slfisher said...

The other question I would have is, sell it to whom, for what? Has the school district been approached about buying the building, or is this just "we hope someone will fall out of the sky and buy it"? And if they did, would they really be buying the building, or would they be buying the land and the building would be a scraper? and if so, what would be built there instead? What is it zoned for? Could it be used commercially? Industrially?

I guess that's more than one question.