Monday, February 27, 2012

Kuna school board members agree to spend $1 million on list of projects

Kuna school board members have unanimously agreed to spend $1.045 million on a list of school facilities improvements.
The money, approved at the Feb. 14 school board meeting, will come from remaining funds left in a $25.5 million school bond approved by voters in 2007.
Among the projects on the list:
• $300,000 on overhead projectors and audio systems for every classroom.
• $175,000 on refinishing the Kuna High School track.
• $120,000 on new copiers.
• $100,000 on kitchen appliances at Kuna Middle School.
• $100,000 on stucco at Teed Elementary School.
• $60,000 on roof repairs at Ross Elementary School.
• $50,000 on smoke dampeners at Kuna High School.
• $40,000 on the Teed gym air conditioning.
• $35,000 for a projector at the Kuna High School auditorium.
• $35,000 on new gym mats at Kuna High School.
• $30,000 on concrete at Ross Elementary School.
Some items remained to be discussed.
In particular, school district officials pulled out a request of $100,000 for repairs at Indian Creek Elementary School. District business manager Bryan Fletcher said that the district wanted to be as detailed and transparent as possible in bringing numbers before the school board regarding improvements at Indian Creek, Kuna’s oldest school and arguably least efficient.
District officials have said that they are interested in investing a little bit of money in the school in order to keep it open for at least the next few years.

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