Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Setting the record straight on Kuna's Teed parking lot

A reader recently posted a comment on our website, www.kunamelba.com, that the new Teed parking lot should be called the “Three Teachers Parking Lot,” because that’s the equivalent number of teachers that it cost the school district to build the parking lot.
While certainly clever, the statement is misguided and belies a certain level of ignorance.
The parking lot was paid for out of the $25.5 million bond approved by voters in 2007. That bond money cannot be used for school operations, only for the improvement projects listed when the voters voted. The one-time money could not be used to pay teacher salaries.
But when the school district did ask the voters for more money for teachers, voters soundly rejected the $1.5 million supplemental levy earlier this year.
Finally, the parking lot will be used for more than just youth football. It will be used by teachers, staff and parents for school events, as well. For example, whenever Teed Elementary has its annual Christmas music program, cars line both sides of Porter Avenue from Kay to Linder. This new parking lot will help, in part, to alleviate some of that.

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