Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kuna trying to deal with problems at the city park

Kuna city staff will begin work on a couple of ordinances meant to crack down on criminal behavior in the city parks.
One ordinance would close the city park at dusk, rather than at midnight. Lt. Kody Aldrich said much mischief takes place after dark, particularly at the skate park. Allowing the police to chase off park users would help cut down on such activity as drug use, graffiti and fighting.
Another ordinance would make it infraction, punishable by a fine, to break a city rule, such as being in the city park after dusk or allowing your dog off leash in the city park.
Finally, Aldrich requested that the city consider adding lights to areas of the city park and greenbelt, such as the skate park, and possibly surveillance cameras in an effort to deter crime.
City Parks Supervisor Bobby Withrow said that in addition to more serious crimes, littering is a major daily problem his staff has to deal with.

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