Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kuna City Council president is right to feel slighted

Kuna City Council President Lisa Bachman made no secret that she felt slighted by being left off a list of candidates for Kuna’s Urban Renewal Agency board.
Through a letter presented at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, the absent Mayor Scott Dowdy submitted a list of five names for consideration for the board:
• Gordon Law (for a term of four years). Law is the current Kuna city engineer.
• Kellie Goicoechea (four-year term). Goicoechea is currently on the city’s design review committee on a volunteer basis.
• Stephanie Wierschem (three-year term). Wierschem is currently on the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission on a volunteer basis.
• Jeff Lang (two-year term). Lang is a City Council member.
• Chase Craig (one-year term). Craig is a real estate agent and currently president of the Kuna Chamber of Commerce.
Dowdy had already told me that he was planning on nominating five board members, which I respectfully disagree with. I think the board should have at least seven members and more preferably nine members, as they have on the Eagle Urban Renewal Agency Board.
But, no matter how many members, to leave Bachman off the list is a slight, indeed.
Bachman has served this city well and is well-qualified for the position. She also publicly stated she wanted to be on the board.
She is a professional community and economic developer certified by the Community Development Council with eight years of experience in community development planning. She worked as a planner for the city of Kuna before taking a job with JUB Engineers. She then ran for City Council in 2007, garnering 984 votes, by far the most votes among a field of four candidates at the time. Bachman has distinguished herself on council, becoming council president in 2010.

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