Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Message to commissioners: Preserve Hubbard Reservoir

A petition is circulating to let Ada County Commissioners know what residents’ desires are for the area surrounding what’s known as Hubbard Reservoir.
About 600 people have signed the petition so far, according to local resident Sue Evangelho.
“This is just to let the commissioners and Ada County Parks & Recreation know what the public has been talking about for the last five years,” Evangelho said.
In many respects, the message is simple: Don’t mess it up.
That seems like a good message to me.
I know I have written before that Hubbard Reservoir could become an Olmstead-like park in Ada County, complete with picnic areas and landscaping.
But for the time being, it seems reasonable to leave the park in a more pristine state. When I was out there last month, I had a chance to walk along a mowed path to a thickly wooded area along the creek that run through the park.
I snapped a photo of this red-tailed hawk while I was there.
The quiet and natural setting made me think twice about making major improvements to the park.

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