Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome to the neighborhood, Country Cuts

Here's a great thing about living in a small town: having your barber shop right next to where you work.
Country Cuts Barber Shop, my barber for the past five years, is now open in its new location at 328 Avenue D, downtown Kuna, right next to the Kuna Melba News office. I couldn't be happier. Their phone number is 922-4117.

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DUFFY said...

I'm glad Country Cuts is still in the neighborhood. It is wonderful and traditional and rather quaint to have a "barber shop" in our village. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy as I relate it to the town of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show!!
They say that the heart of gossip is found at your local barber shop. Well, beauty salons, too...for that fact. I wonder if its true?? Does the barber shop also give those old fashion soap and razor shaves if requested...or maybe I am waxing nostalgic again.
But I like a bit of the good old days...a small town can survive with a few nostalgic enterprises. It's what makes us who we are!!