Monday, June 6, 2011

Kuna business owner donates money to local schools

Kuna Counseling Center owner Jim Grigg, right, presents a check for $250 to Falcon Ridge Charter School administrator Mark Green.
“We at Kuna Counseling Center saw that the school levy failed and realized that kids would be affected,” according to Jim Grigg. “We wanted to do something to help, so we decided to donate to the school district. We also have kids at Falcon Ridge Charter School and know there are great teachers trying to work inside of their budgets. Also as business owners, we wanted to give back to the community. We live and work in Kuna and our kids go to school here, so we want the best for Kuna schools.”
Kuna Counseling Center is also donating to the Kuna school district. That donation is still pending.

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DUFFY said...

We are such a blessed group of citizens of this community to have business owners such as Jim Grigg and staff to contribute and help care for the needs of our struggling school system. As a local counselor, he is part of these students and educators lives and is aware of their needs. We should all follow his example and become more aware of the struggles that teachers, students, and administrators are having to endure. Through this local newspaper and blog, I notice we do have a large contingency of supportive businesses and individuals. I need to do more than just read about the educational dilema. As a concerned, elderly individual, what can I do to help!!...besides vote....which doesn't always mean it will resolve an issue. Besides, it's now that we have to address...or we won't have to worry about future educational voting results.