Saturday, June 4, 2011

Melba's superintendent Andy Grover named to state technology task force

Melba schools superintendent Andy Grover has been named to the 38-member Students Come First Technology Task Force that will help implement the classroom technology mandates that are part of Idaho’s education reform laws.
Grover is a former principal, technology director, special education director and social studies teacher.
Melba High School has gone from three students taking online courses three years ago to 109 online classes this year.
Grover also serves on the Idaho Human Rights Education Committee and traveled to Jordan as a delegate to the Idaho Human Rights Council in 2009.
He holds an educational specialist degree from the University of Idaho.
This task force will develop plans for the one-to-one ratio of mobile computing devices in high schools.
Once the state Board of Education determines the number of online courses to graduate, the task force also will develop implementation plans for the requirement, in addition to the necessary professional development for teachers and other topics determined by the task force chairman.
Under the law, the task force had to be made up of at least 28 members, 17 of which the State Superintendent Tom Luna appointed and 11 of which were appointed by educational stakeholder groups, the Idaho Legislature and the Office of the Governor. Luna expanded the task force to 38 members to include parents, school board trustees, and more classroom teachers.
Now, 12 educators will be serving on the task force, including four current classroom teachers. Teachers include: Idaho’s 2011 Teacher of the Year Stefani Cook, a business teacher at Rigby High School, and 2009 Milken Educator of the Year Aaron McKinnon, a science teacher at South Junior High in Boise.
The task force also includes the House and Senate Education Committee Chairmen, Democratic Rep. Wendy Jaquet, Superintendent Linda Clark of Joint School District No. 2 (Meridian), and Bonneville School District Trustee Wendy Horman, among others. The full list of task force appointees is attached.
The first task force meeting will be held June 13-14, 2011 in the Auditorium room at the Idaho Statehouse. It will be open to the public. The task force will meet throughout the year.
For more information on the Students Come First Technology Task Force and the members, visit
The following is a list of the members of the Students Come First Technology Task Force.
• Melba Superintendent Andy Grover
• Sugar-Salem Superintendent Alan Dunn
• Meridian Superintendent Linda Clark
• Challis Superintendent Colby Gull
• Genesee Technology Director Christopher Campbell
• Meridian Technology Director Keven Denton
• New Plymouth Secondary Principal Bicker Therien
• West Side Secondary Principal Spencer Barzee
• Moscow schools Business Manager Jenn Johnson
• Idaho Virtual Academy Head of Virtual School Desiree Laughlin
• Sandpoint Charter School Head of Secondary Charter School Alan Millar
• Post Falls Secondary Teacher Salvatore Lorenzen
• Rigby High School teacher Stefani Cook
• Eileen Lento, of Intel
• Gary Smith, Board member of ESTech
• Jayson Ronk, of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry
• Michael Fornander, of Data Projections Inc.
• Parent Maria Nate, Rexburg
• Parent Mary Vollmer, Aberdeen
• Cassia School Board Trustee Debbie Critchfield
• Bonneville School Board Trustee Wendy Horman
• Parma School Board Trustee Melinda Smyser
• Gooding Elementary teacher Marne Curtis
• South Junior High teacher Aaron McKinnon
• Cliff Green, of Insight Schools
• State Rep. Wendy Jaquet
• Heidi Rogers, Executive Director, Northwest Council for Computer Education
• Sherri Wood, President, Idaho Education Association
• Brad Patzer, member of Northwest Professional Educators
• George Boland, Superintendent, Idaho Falls School District
• Brian Duncan, Trustee, Minidoka County School District
• Brent Lloyd, President and CEO, Futura Corporation
• Mike Caldwell, Director of Academics, Idaho Digital Learning Academy
• State Rep. Bob Nonini, Chair, House Education Committee, R-Coeur d’Alene
• State Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, R-Eagle
• State Sen. John Goedde, Chair, Senate Education Committee, R-Coeur d’Alene
• State Sen. Chuck Winder, R-Boise
• Christine Donnell, Former educator and district superintendent

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DUFFY said...

I am glad Andy Grover is on this state technology task force.After all, he is from Kuna/Melba!! He has excellent credentials and with his experience should be a valuable member of this team. This is a new era we live in...advanced technology and it has evolved so very quickly. I think there are many cons and pros to consider and obviously there is a great need for a task force. I hope students will give input, and parents as well, if they consider this type of learning a viable concept. It's their life, and their opinion is what should interest all of us voters. Voting can make a difference.....look at what our vote has done.