Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Should Kuna Chamber of Commerce take on Kuna Days?

Privately for the past few years, I’ve held the belief that the Kuna Chamber of Commerce should organize and run Kuna Days. In other towns I’ve lived in and covered, chambers of commerce usually — though not always — are the sponsors of these types of events, usually the community’s signature event that draws visitors from all over the region to that city.
The Eagle Chamber of Commerce, for example, puts on the Eagle Fun Days event that was held this weekend. So I was curious, how does the Kuna Chamber stack up to the Eagle Chamber? I went to their website and found many similarities. The Eagle Chamber of Commerce lists these as member benefits:
• CONNECTIONS: The Eagle Chamber provides access and connects you to the people, information, ideas, and resources you need to grow your business and make a positive impact on the future of our community and region.
Kuna Chamber? Check.
• BUSINESS REFERRALS The Chamber makes referrals every day through its network of dependable, community minded businesses. Referrals are only made for Chamber-member businesses.
Kuna Chamber? Check.
• LISTING IN OUR ONLINE DIRECTORY: The Chamber website’s business directory is a convenient means for the community to get in contact with your business and business website.
Kuna Chamber? Check.

So what's the difference between the Kuna chamber and the Eagle chamber? Find out in this week's Kuna Melba News.

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DUFFY said...

My first thought is in the past the citizenry of Kuna has put on the best, most memorable Kuna days ever. But life has changed for all of us, especially in Kuna. The last few years of turmoil in our village and across the state and nation has taken its toll. Maybe it would be better to let the Chamber now organize Kuna those that use to organize it have moved on, either in mind, spirit or other. For whatever reason, the citizens just don't have what it takes anymore. We lost the desire to volunteer, lead and organize…the few that are willing just aren’t provided the support by the rest of us.
Then, after reading this article, I'm not sure the Kuna Chamber is quite there yet either. We have many similarities in benefits that are offered in our Chamber of Commerce compared with the other cities. But, like our citizenry, there is a general apathetic response and involvement among the many business that don’t respond. I note the involvement and commitment by a few, not the many. Maybe if more businesses got involved with the passion needed to help pull this city together, by supporting and participating in their Chamber organization…their passion will rekindle the flames of involvement within the good citizens. We are a wounded community like many others. And we need strong leadership and good plans of action. Our core to success and our future is our businesses. A house divided…well…history has a habit of repeating itself.
This newspaper has been the instrument that acknowledges the many businesses and individuals who have contributed so much to the support and response of the needs in this community. But they are only the few and we need many more of these leaders to step up to the plate and get involved…maybe then more citizens would too. We can’t fight city hall, but we can overcome and reinvent ourselves and the greatest Kuna days again!!
Anyone for a Renissance faire...maybe next year???