Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Eye Saloon in Kuna should be back open in June

The Red Eye Saloon should be back open in the next couple of weeks, said owner Swede Godfrey. The popular Main Street bar is temporarily closed for renovations and repairs. Godfrey took back ownership of the bar at the beginning of May from Hoss and Khaseta Grigg, who bought it from Godfrey in 2006, when Godfrey and business partner Greg Nelson built and opened up The Creekside. Nelson becomes the sole owner of Creekside, and Godfrey goes back to being the sole owner of the Red Eye. Khaseta Grigg will continue to work at the Red Eye as the manager, Godfrey said.
“We’ll run it about the same as before,” said Godfrey, who bought the Red Eye 40 years ago, in 1971. “We want to keep the same customers coming in as before.”

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