Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congratulations to Kuna's HOSA team

The Kuna High School’s Health Occupation Students of America team is only in its second year but has already racked up high placements in the state competition.
And this year, two students from Kuna finished in second place and will head to nationals this summer.
Joey Mills and Jake Young took second place in EMT competition and will head to the national competition in Anaheim in June.
In all, Kuna finished in second, sixth and eighth in the EMT competition, and eighth in medical photography.
In addition to Young and Mills, Zane Leigh and Randy Grooms took sixth and Jacob Rook and Jacob O’Brien took eighth in EMT competition, and Dani Peterson took eighth in medical photography.
The Kuna HOSA team is led by EMT teacher Jodi Zufelt along with adviser Wendi Tillman.
Kuna’s success is a testament to the growing student interest in Kuna’s EMT program, now in its third year at Kuna. When Kuna started the EMT program in 2008-09, there were eight students. In 2009-10, there were 17 students. This year, there were 22 students, and 28 students have expressed interest in taking classes next year, said Zufelt, who is also a volunteer paramedic with the Kuna Rural Fire District.
In addition to an EMT class, the EMT program at Kuna includes a health occupations class, medical terminology and fundamentals of health, which had three classes totaling 67 students this year.
Zufelt’s schedule was so packed this year, she didn’t have time for a prep period. “I just have to do it,” she said. “It’s pretty popular.”

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DUFFY said...

It is very heart warming to hear that our High School offers an EMT program, which I think is a most valuable resource not only for our community but which also provides opportunities for our youth.
I am impressed that we have such dedicated students and that they have done well in state competition. Isn't it great to have such talented, experienced individuals in this community to lead and direct our youth....KUDOS to Jodi Zufelt and advisor Wendi Tillman, we are lucky to have them. And to the students...keep of the good work and let it be known that we are proud of you!! Your hard work will surely make a difference!! Thanks Scott for sharing about this wonderful team, I'm so proud of them.