Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Kuna school board meeting tomorrow night

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 10, the Kuna school board will be meeting to go over a number of important topics. Among the items up for discussion will be next year's school calendar. Board members also will be discussing ongoing negotiations with the teachers union regarding next year's contract and rules for pay-for-performance.
I wonder if the district administration will attempt to discuss in more detail the district budget for the school board members. Judging from my own dealings with the school board over the past couple of years, it is my sense that the board still does not have a full picture of the district's budget, and the year-to-year operating expenses and revenues have never been fully discussed and disclosed in any school board meeting.
I would still like to see the district give more details, on a year-to-year comparison basis, of the full expenses and revenues.

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