Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some ground rules for upcoming Kuna city elections

Since we are in the throes of a contested city election, I thought I’d go over some of the ground rules we have here at the Kuna Melba News.
The first one is our deadline for editorial items. These include letters to the editor, guest editorials, meeting announcements, etc. The deadline is noon on Mondays. That has been the deadline for the past five years, and we publish our deadlines every week on this page, to the left. The reason for this deadline is in order for us to get the paper out on time each week.
Every Monday starting at noon, I “lay out” the newspaper. That means I put all my stories on the pages, put all the headlines on, all the photos, all the letters, columns, etc. By the time I leave the office Monday night, every square inch of the paper is pretty much filled, with the exception of stories that I might be covering on Tuesday, such as City Council or school board. In those cases, I leave an empty space in the pages, which I plan on filling later Tuesday. But receiving anything unexpected after deadline means that I have to go back and take something out or completely rearrange sometimes several pages. So, that’s why we have a noon Monday deadline, and I try hard not to make exceptions.
The next rule we keep is not making an endorsement. As I’ve explained before, I try to remain as objective as possible because I am not just the editorial page editor, but I’m also the reporter covering city issues. Our readers need to know that when I report a story, it is completely objective and not biased based on whom I like or don’t like.
That doesn’t mean you, the reader, have to be objective, though. You can have an opinion on whom you like or don’t like. And you can voice that opinion in the Kuna Melba News. So, please, feel free to write a letter to the editor in favor of one candidate or the other. And please also tell us why.

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