Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bachman suggests Kuna have a full-time mayor

Kuna City Council President Lisa Bachman told me this week that she won't be running for re-election and that she won't be running for mayor, either.
She has long been talked about as a candidate for mayor, but Lisa said she can't make it work with her career.
She said that what the city really needs is a full-time mayor. Currently, the position is part-time with a pay of $30,000 per year.
“The city is missing out on some viable candidates who still need a career,” she said.
Currently, Dowdy is a lawyer with a private practice in Kuna.
Bachman said that the mayor’s job isn’t really part time, that the time commitment requires being mayor full time.
“The bottom line is that the city needs a full-time mayor that can commit all their time to the position,” she said. “If that were the case, then I’d be running.”
I asked her why she didn’t propose raising the mayor’s salary to a full-time salary during the budget hearings, which just wrapped up. She said she knew that Dowdy wouldn’t want the position to be full time because he wouldn’t want to give up his other job and that the council would go along with him and shoot down the proposal.
“I’m really concerned about the city moving forward,” she said. “I have passion, and I really want to do it.”
Bachman said she’d still like to be involved, particularly with the urban renewal agency, which she has asked to be a member of.
This turn of events is unfortunate. Lisa is one of the good ones. She’s a smart, independent thinker who has the city’s best interest at heart.
More importantly, she decides for herself what she thinks is in the city’s best interest. She doesn’t merely rely on someone else to tell her what is best for the city then follow lockstep with that opinion.

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bbv said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about Lisa. I was very pleased to see that Rich Cardoza is running for Mayor, though that makes the City Council election even more important. With the only two councilmembers who are willing to stand up for the interests of the citizens of Kuna (potentially) leaving, it would be a catastrophe if more rubber-stampers were elected.