Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kuna Melba News launches The Melba Herald

This week, the Kuna Melba News launched a new publication, The Melba Herald, a standalone section devoted entirely to the city of Melba. Back in the days of The Kuna Herald, the owners of that newspaper included a page or two of news about Melba. At the top of those pages, they put "The Melba Herald," to designate it as a separate section. At times, the paper would even swap out the front page of the paper for those copies delivered in Melba. For those copies, they would put The Melba Herald on the front.
Currently, The Melba Herald is a four-page black-and-white section inserted into every copy delivered to Melba subscribers and inserted into every over-the-counter copy sold at the Melba Valley Market.
Right now, we don't have any advertisers in the section. As you may know, it's the advertising that makes it possible to even produce a newspaper. We're hoping that once businesses in and around Melba see the section, they will want to advertise in it and we'll be able to grow it. Advertising rates are going to be pretty inexpensive, $100 for a full-page ad, $50 for a half-page ad, $30 for a quarter-page ad, $20 for an eighth-page ad.
For the time being, we plan on producing this section once a month. The next one will come out on May 4.
In the future, if advertiser support is there, we would like to add Melba City Council coverage, school board coverage, sports coverage.
If you are interested in advertising in The Melba Herald, call Nicola at 922-3008.
And as always, let us know what you think.

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