Monday, April 25, 2011

Drivers in Kuna and Melba no longer have to pay to re-register their vehicles

Vehicle registrations of Ada and Canyon county drivers who obtain a passing emissions test after having had their registrations revoked will be automatically reinstated at no charge when a new law approved by the 2011 Legislature takes effect.
Drivers whose vehicles were not tested or failed have been required to go into a Division of Motor Vehicles office and pay to have their registrations reinstated after they obtained a passing emissions test.
There will no longer be any need to visit the DMV or to pay to get your registration reinstated after securing a passing emissions test from an Ada or Canyon County testing site, according to Jonathan Pettit, of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, which oversees the program in Canyon County and Kuna. Reinstatement will occur automatically within three business days after a passing emissions test. Pettit noted that it will still be illegal to drive a vehicle with an invalid registration.
Drivers in Canyon County or the city of Kuna can check when their vehicles are scheduled to be tested by visiting and entering their license plate number under the “Test Due Date” option or by calling 1-866-623-8378. Ada County drivers can contact the Air Quality Board at (208) 377-9191.

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