Friday, April 1, 2011

Kuna High science teacher earns prestigious fellowship

Congratulations to Kuna High science teacher DaNel Huggins, who has been selected for an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship.
I have always heard fantastic things about Mrs. Huggins from her students and their parents, so this should come as no surprise. We, as a community, should be very proud that she is receiving this fellowship.
Huggins was selected as one of 28 educators for this prestigious Fellowship after an intense national screening process.
Huggins will be serving her fellowship at the US Department of Energy, Office of Workforce Development. As an Einstein Fellow she will have an opportunity to attain new skills, knowledge and resources related to the national education issues she is exposed to, particularly those related to science, technology, engineering and math education. She will gain a working knowledge of educational policy, exposure to a network of education, and particularly STEM-related, experts, an increased awareness of the depth and variety of resources available through federal agencies, insight and experience into the grant writing and reviewing process, and to numerous resources and opportunities accessible to students and teachers.
She will have access to first-line discussions on education related to the President’s administrative agenda, Congressional initiatives and actions, and those of national organizations to move the needs of STEM education forward in this country.
“As a result of her immersion in this unique environment, she will serve as a valuable resource to your school and district while in Washington and also upon returning home in
2012,” according to a letter to the school district from Kathryn G. Culbertson, program manager for the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program. “You must be very proud of Ms. Huggins. Not only does DaNel have exceptional credentials as a teacher, she also made a lasting impression during the sponsor interviews in Washington, DC. Certainly she will be missed at home, but rest assured that this experience will provide myriad opportunities to contribute to local education issues and to grow professionally and personally.”

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