Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We shouldn't cheap out on the Kuna performing arts auditorium

Let’s not cheap out on our new performing arts auditorium at Kuna High School.
Kuna school board members are currently considering how much to charge groups for the use of the facility, which will have its first open house to the public on Feb. 22 and its first performance on Feb. 25 and 26.
A committee of volunteers and district employees has been discussing the details of the facility, including how much to charge people to use the facility. One of the questions yet to be answered includes whether to encourage a lot of use by making the fees inexpensive or discourage use by making the fees expensive. I hope the district sets the fee toward the top of the scale, not necessarily to discourage use but to make sure we aren’t overburdening the facility and to make sure we, the taxpayers, don’t end up subsidizing its use.


joyblogs said...

To infer that we crawl out of the woodwork is like saying that you crawled out from under a rock.

Scott McIntosh said...

OK, I deserve that one. Poor choice of words. I simply meant that there are probably a lot more people in Kuna who are interested in cultural events than might be obvious to the casual observer. I'll go back under my rock now.