Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another new feature in the Kuna Melba News: Kuna business of the month

This week, we’re launching yet another new feature in the Kuna Melba News. It’s called “Business of the Month,” written by Kuna resident Corinna Stiles.
A couple of months ago, the Kuna Melba News ran an online poll asking readers how much of their holiday shopping they were planning on doing in Kuna. The number one response was, “None. There’s nothing good to buy in Kuna.”
Of course, the result was disheartening, as I’m sure it was for many of our local business owners who are doing their best to run a good business with excellent products and excellent service. It was also disheartening as the owner of the local newspaper, as we’re the ones trying our best to get the word out to our local residents. Some days it feels like beating your head against a brick wall.
It got me to thinking, though, that we simply need to do a better job of informing our residents of what we have to offer right here in Kuna. Why drive 20 minutes to a chain steakhouse when we have Peregrine Steakhouse right here in Kuna? Why drive up the road to Home Depot or Lowe’s when you can get everything you need at either True Value or Kuna Lumber right here in Kuna — and get way better service? Why go to Wal-Mart to get a birthday present when The Wild Ivy has some great kids gifts right here in Kuna? The list of amenities in Kuna goes on and on, it’s just that so many people are unaware that they really can get just about everything here in Kuna. And not just retail, but services, as well. Financial advisors, dentists, orthodontist, insurance, copying and printing, computer repair, etc.
In February, we are asking every single person reading this column, reading the story or seeing the house ad to go to the Peregrine Steakhouse just once. Go for lunch. Go for dinner. Go for the Sunday brunch. If you were planning on going to Outback Steakhouse or Red Robin or some other chain restaurant up in Meridian this month, change your plans and go to Peregrine instead.
You’ll be doing yourself a favor and you’ll also be boosting the local economy at the same time.

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bbv said...

I love this new feature, and am excited to check out the new business each month. Excellent idea!