Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Support' has its place when it comes to Kuna businesses

When Nicola and I purchased the Kuna Melba News in 2006, I bristled at the notion of “support.” Too many times, we came across the notion that someone was advertising in the newspaper because they “want to support the local paper,” not that they believed our product would help their business.
The message that we tried to spread, and continue to spread, is that we offer a service to businesses to help them grow their business by putting their name, their specials, their message into the homes of our readers, which we consider to be the best customers in Kuna. Not because they support us.
But in the ensuing three years, I’ve become more comfortable with the notion of support and feel that it does have a place not just in our business, but in all of our local businesses.
I’m not suggesting you have to eat out every week or go broke shopping at every store in Kuna. But just think of Kuna first, before you head out of town with your dollars.

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