Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Want to buy Kuna's Old 4th Street Gym?

The Kuna school district is taking bids on the Old 4th Street Gym.
Kuna school board members Tuesday night unanimously agreed to seek bids on the 17,000-square-foot building that dates back to 1947.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean the school district will sell the building.
Depending on what offers come in, board members can decide then whether to sell.
The school district is looking for money to expand the district office building at 711 E. Porter Ave. in order to house district technology employees and to start a professional-technical program.
Preliminary plans show an 11,000-square-foot expansion of the district administration building to house more offices, storage and classroom space.
But board member Ginny Greger said Tuesday night she wants to make sure that whatever price the district receives for the Old 4th Street Gym and the 1.69 acres of land is enough to build a building — and a program — that the district wants.
The school district had the property appraised.
The Kuna Melba News filed a public records request for the appraisal, but it was denied under Idaho Code 9-340D, exempting appraisal of real property prior to its sale or lease.

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