Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kuna City Council gets a little closer to a weapons discharge ban

Kuna City Council members appear to be much closer to passing a weapons discharge ordinance in city limits.
At last week’s City Council meeting, council members discussed a new revision to a proposed ordinance that seeks to make it illegal to shoot a gun off in city limits. While city attorney Richard Roats had crafted an ordinance that did that, the main sticking point was the fact that the new ordinance would have made it illegal for such folks as farmers who were shooting vermin on their property or putting down cattle with a rifle.
Council members had discussed at varying times setting limits on the size of a property or distance from a house, but those provisions only served to confuse the matter and create difficulty in enforcement.
So here’s the paragraph that Roats came up with to help resolve the issue:
“It shall be unlawful to discharge a firearm within city limits from a dwelling or vehicle or within any platted and developed subdivision or in a manner likely to cause damage to the property of another.”
Mayor Greg Nelson is “slow-tracking” ordinances, meaning they’ll get their full three readings, rather than one reading and passage. This ordinance is expected to go before the council for its first reading on March 6. It would then get another two readings before becoming law.


slfisher said...

"in a manner likely to cause damage to the property of another"? Heavens, who decides that? If a neighbor decides to shoot up in the air on New Year's Eve, is that going to count? But I'm glad to know the City Council is respecting Kuna'a agricultural heritage and that we can still take out vermin.

bbv said...

"OR in a manner likely to cause damage..." There's a portion of code preceding the "OR" that would prohibit anyone from discharging a firearm in a platted subdivision (New Year's Eve or not), but it specifically excludes people from shooting on their own large tracts of private agricultural land.

slfisher said...

Thanks, Briana.