Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kuna building permits are up

Building permit revenue in the city of Kuna is up 163 percent from last year, according to city treasurer John Marsh.
Last week, Marsh provided City Council members with an update on budget numbers for the period of October 2011 (the beginning of the current fiscal year) through February 2012.
The number of single-family residential building permits in that period has more than doubled from 15 last year to 32 this year. Total building permits have gone from 56 last year to 105 this year.
The amount of revenue generated by building permits since October is $50,372.27, according to city records. The budgeted amount is $70,000 through the end of September. Since the busy months for house building have not even begun, it appears likely that the city will have much more revenue than the anticipated $70,000 in the current budget year.


slfisher said...

What kind of houses are these, though? Kuna has gotten itself in trouble in the past by building a whole lot of starter houses that don't pay for themselves in taxes, and don't give people an opportunity to move up when they're ready. I hope they're considering impact fees.

Scott McIntosh said...

Good question. I can go back and do the math, but just looking over the permits every week, it seems to me that the houses are pretty good sizes.