Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roundabouts being planned for Ten Mile Road corridor

Roundabouts are coming to Ten Mile Road. It’s just a question of when and where.
Officials from the Ada County Highway District held an information briefing with Kuna City Council members last month to go over their Ten Mile Road Corridor intersection analysis and planning.
Kuna city officials have expressed concern that not enough work is being done on the Ten Mile corridor in light of the opening of the Interstate 84 interchange at Ten Mile Road in May 2011.
Kuna officials asked ACHD to report back with what their plans are for the historically back-country two-lane road that promises to be a major north-south corridor in the future.
ACHD senior transportation planner Matt Edmond shared a plan that shows a north-to-south handling of the intersections along Ten Mile Road, starting at Victory Road, then moving down to Amity Road, then to Lake Hazel and Columbia, with improvements at Hubbard and Deer Flat roads a distant possibility at least 20 years hence.
ACHD’s presentation on Dec. 20 showed the following interim improvements:
• interim signal at Ten Mile and Victory in 2012.
• interim signal at Ten Mile and Amity in the 2013-17 five-year work plan.
• single lane roundabout at Ten Mile and Lake Hazel in 2014-15.
• single-lane roundabout at Ten Mile and Columbia in 2014-17.
• all-way stop at Ten Mile and Hubbard in 2023-26
• all-way stop at Ten Mile and Deer Flat at an undetermined time.
Long-term improvements for the Lake Hazel-Ten Mile and Columbia-Ten Mile intersections are double-lane roundabouts, with Lake Hazel getting one first in 2024-25 and Columbia in 2026-27.
A signal at Amity Road is contrary to the original South Meridian Transportation Plan and contrary to an earlier ACHD study of the intersection. Similarly, a signal at Victory Road differs from what’s recommended in the original South Meridian Transportation Plan.
A couple of Kuna City Council members raised objections to parts of the presentation.
“This is not based on facts,” said council member Doug Hoiland. “These are based on assumptions. … This tells me that you didn’t do your homework.”

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