Monday, January 2, 2012

Kuna Herald from 50 years ago offered interesting reading

A couple of items in the Dec. 29, 1961, issue of The Kuna Herald caught my eye.
"Kuna Grangers build addition to Hall: Kuna Grangers began construction of a concrete block addition to their hall this week to provide space for restrooms."
I'm not sure this addition is in existence today. Was it removed at some point, or did it become part of the addition when the Gowen Field barracks was put on the original structure? The item certainly comes at an interesting time, as the Kuna Grange struggles to assess the damage from the recent motor vehicle accident.
Here's another item that would certainly boil the blood of any card-carrying PETA member:
"Looking way back
"Fall 1927
"4,000 Jacks Jump Into Great Beyond
"In the rabbit drive through the Melba-Glendale Valley Sunday, more than 5,000 shells were fired and it was estimated that more than 4,000 bunnies were slain. A number of very good marksmen were among the hunters, and when the ammunition was exhausted, the rabbits, having been driven to the edge of the rim-rock, were slain by stones hurled into the midst."

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slfisher said...

The Gowen Field addition was put on in 1948. I can't remember if the bathrooms are separate or not, but I will inquire about this at Friday's Grange meeting (or, you can :) ).

As far as the bunnies, mmmm. :)