Saturday, January 14, 2012

Melba celebrates its 100th anniversary

Clayton C. Todd would leave his home in California, heading for Alaska and the gold fields, when he decided to stop in Weiser, Idaho, to visit an old friend, Mr. Fuller. Fuller said, “Clay, they are selling a bunch of state land off down around Nampa. What an investment. Why don’t you check it out?”
So, with $2,000 in his pocket, Todd bought 160 acres of land on top of the rim at Rock Spur, the siding on the BNO Railroad. He laid out a town site in 25-foot lots, with prices of $100 per lot, to be paid for at $5 per month with interest. Corner lots would be $150 each. He promised that “with the railroad that was planning to go over the mountains; with the water now supplied by the U. S. Government, and with our rich lands, our dairies, our farms, and our orchards; and with through traffic finding its way to the Pacific, and the completion of the Panama canal in sight, who can foretell the future of Melba in this favored spot.”
The year was 1912, and the community of Melba was born.
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Melba, the community is planning a yearlong celebration of events.
To help kick off the celebration, this month’s issue of The Melba Herald contains a detailed history of Melba, profiles of prominent lifelong citizens and a calendar of events for the year.
You can view the special Centennial issue by clicking on "The Melba Herald" at
Keep reading for updates and stories throughout the year.

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